Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Submitted for your approval or at least your analysis: one Patrick Thomas McNulty, who at age forty-one is the biggest bore on Earth. He holds a ten-year record for the most meaningless words spewed out during a coffee break. And it's very likely that, as of this moment, he would have gone through life in precisely this manner, a dull, argumentative bigmouth who sets back the art of conversation a thousand years. I say he very likely would have, except for something that will soon happen to him, something that will considerably alter his existence - and ours. Now you think about that now, because this is the Twilight Zone."

McNulty meets a man named Potts in a bar. Potts gives him a stopwatch that can stop time. When he tries to show his friends, they are unaware of anything happening. McNulty decides to freeze time and rob a bank. As he is wheeling out his cash, he drops the watch and is stuck forever in a timeless world.

"Mr. Patrick Thomas McNulty, who had a gift of time. He used it and he misused it, now he's just been handed the bill. Tonight's tale of motion and McNulty - in the Twilight Zone."


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