Title: Richard Matheson's The Twilight Zone Scripts Vol. 1

Publisher: Gauntlet Press
Editor: Stanley Wiater
Date: May, 2001
Price: $16.95
Email: info*@*gauntletpress.com
ISBN: 1887368426
Gauntlet Publications
309 Powell Road
Springfield, PA  19064
Tel: (610) 328-5476
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From the press release: "Available now from EDGE books, an imprint of Gauntlet Press, is Richard Matheson's The Twilight Zone Scripts Volume 1. Originally released only as a signed limited edition (out-of-print) by Cemetery Dance, this is an affordable trade paperback edition, edited by Stanley Wiater contains 8 of Matheson's classic scripts written for the original The Twilight Zone. Aside from the scripts in this 392-page edition, Wiater's commentary and conversations with Matheson remain, as they appeared in the CD edition. The cost of the book is $16.95. Volume Two will be published in Spring 2002."

This book is the first volume containing eight original Twilight Zone scripts as written by Richard Matheson. The scripts included are:

  1. The Last Flight - First Season
  2. A World Of Difference - First Season
  3. A World Of His Own - First Season
  4. Nick Of Time - Second Season
  5. The Invaders - Second Season
  6. Once Upon A Time - Third Season
  7. Little Girl Lost - Third Season
  8. Young Man's Fancy - Third Season

This book is a very interesting read.  Reading through the scripts makes you realize what a visual writer Richard Matheson was.  According 
to Matheson, Charles Beaumont shared this visual style of writing as well.  All the camera shots, angles and pans are included in the text of the scripts, 
although Matheson admits often his camera cues were not used.  Each script starts with a short essay on Matheson's feeling on how the script 
was handled, any difference of opinions he had during filming, and his overall feeling on the finished episode.

Also included is a letter that Rod Serling wrote to Richard Matheson in reference to a Serling-script rewrite that Matheson had been offered.  
I think it shows the kind of friendship the two had, that Serling would be so gracious about a possible sore subject.

There is the "Suggested Further Reading - And Viewing" section that contains a wealth of Twilight Zone reference material, 
including the definitive Twilight Zone guide, Marc Zicree's "Twilight Zone Companion."

I would recommend this book to any Twilight Zone fan.  It is well put together, and contains a great deal of information about the Twilight Zone, 
and the incredible contributions of Richard Matheson to its success.

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