The Twilight Zone Complete Stories


Rod Serling ISBN: 1-57500-111-X 416 pp 6" x 9" hardcover, $22.95 [$32.00 Canada] Nineteen Classic Stories From the Creator, Producer, and Series Host of the Legendary Television Series "A world of 'what if?' where wishes come true (sometimes horribly), where illusion reigns and magic really works (but only so long as you believe), where little guys are blessed with the strength of titans, where miraculous machines spell our salvation-or our doom-and where the most frightening monsters of all turn out to be ourselves."-from the Introduction by T.E.D. Klein Submitted for your approval... These nineteen classic stories confirm Rod Serling as one of the finest fantasy writers of our time. Serling's legendary television series "The Twilight Zone" consistently demonstrated his remarkable gift for storytelling. In the years that have followed, millions have experienced and remembered these timeless scenarios, now airing regularly on the Sci-Fi Channel. These haunting stories by the fabled creator, producer, and series host were the basis for some of the most celebrated, eerie programs ever seen on the home screen. In this collector's edition, compiled from three previously published volumes, we rediscover the brilliance of these beautifully- turned, inspired stories by a uniquely American writer. In the pages of this new release, submitted for your approval: * A TV-western star meets the real Jesse James . . . * A department store Santa finds that his bag of gifts is inexhaustible . . . * A can't-lose baseball pitcher is a robot . . . * An airplane doesn't land when it should . . . * A man does go home again . . . * A vacuum-cleaner sales man becomes super-humanly strong . . . in The Twilight Zone. Whether you are a dedicated reader of Science Fiction or Fantasy or a fan of the television series, THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Complete Stories will leave you spellbound. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rod Serling, the noted producer, director, and award-winning author, is one of the legendary figures of the Golden Age of Television. His television scripts included such classics as Requiem for a Heavyweight and Patterns. In 1959, Serling became the creator, producer, host, and narrator of the landmark television series "The Twilight Zone." Of the 156 episodes of the series that aired from 1959 to 1964, ninety-two of them were written by Serling, winning him two of his six Emmy awards. After "The Twilight Zone" went off the air, Serling continued to write for film and television. He died in 1975. ABOUT THE PUBLISHER TV Books is founded on the principle that much of the finest intellectual property in the world is developed for television. Its books are distributed to the trade by HarperCollins Publishers. For more information, visit the worldwide web at or call (212) 603-1824.

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