Title: The Twilight Zone - Original Soundtrack Recording, Volume One

Publisher: Aspenfair Music, Inc. (ASCAP) and Beverlyfax Music, Inc. (BMI)
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This CD contains various music from episodes of "The New Twilight Zone" as performed by The Grateful Dead and Merl Saunders. The music included is:

  1. The Twilight Zone '85 Main Title
  2. Suite from "Nightcrawlers"
  3. I Of Newton
  4. Children's Zoo
  5. Can She Type?
  6. Suite from "Shadow Man"
  7. Suite from "The Misfortune Cookie"
  8. Kentucky Rye - Part I
  9. Kentucky Rye - Part II
  10. Kentucky Rye - Part III
  11. The Twilight Zone '85 End Credits